Trident Strain CBD Cartridge

Trident by HONEY® is a delicious-sour tasting, notable high-CBD hybrid great for controlling pain while keeping the user mentally focused. It’s best known for its medicinal uses and low-fi buzz due to its low THC content (approximately 2.2%), making it an excellent option for users who need pain management aid and other medicinal benefits over recreational effects.

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Honey Brands Trident Vape Cartridge

Trident is a near-even Sativa-Indica dominant hybrid with 44.1% CBD, making it an excellent choice for pain management or possibly alleviating the symptoms of inflammation, pain, muscle spasms, and other health conditions that respond positively to CBD. Its low THC levels (2.2%) mean that consumers will feel gentle cerebral effects. These tend to be discreet and mild. Its scent and taste are similar to freshly crushed earth and pine, while its harvest-ready buds are usually bright green.

Profile: Hybrid
Primary Terpene: Limonene
Mood: Happy, Focused, Relaxed
Common Uses: Pain, Stress, Anxiety
Energy Spectrum: Alert & Focused

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The Story Behind Trident

The origin or lineage of the Trident cannabis strain is currently shrouded in mystery, with some breeders claiming that it’s a product of PlantMaster Seeds, a cannabis company based in the United States. There are other cannabis enthusiasts who also believe that Trident strain is a product of a combination of Haze strain, Skywalker strain, and Donbass Star strain. Generally, the origin and lineage of this strain remain mysterious.

With its high CBD content, this cannabis strain likely has several CBD strains in its unique lineage. Trident is versatile and best suited for both outdoor and indoor growing. Its flowering period is relatively long, between 84 days and 91 days, but produces generous yields at harvest. The plant often grows relatively tall, necessitating trimming and topping during the vegetative phase.

Terpene Composition

Having the primary terpene limonene is what gives Honey Brands Trident Vape Cartridge its sweet-sour tone and zesty citrus fragrance associated with citrus fruits such as oranges, lime, and more.
According to Science Direct, limonene is among the most abundant terpenes in the cannabis world, and it can be found in concentrations as high as 16 percent of an essential oil fraction. It is a monoterpene commonly used in foods, medicines, and perfumes. Numerous animal studies, human studies, and study reviews suggest that limonene may offer several health benefits, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and disease-preventing properties.

In addition to its dominant presence in the cannabis plant, limonene occurs naturally in juniper, mint, fennel, rosemary, and pine. Modern medicine is currently delving into the medicinal or therapeutic possibilities of limonene, which is why Trident is widely recommended for its pain-relieving properties and a remedy for various health conditions that respond to CBD.

According to the National Library of Medicine, limonene decreases stress and is widely used in aromatherapy as an anti-anxiety agent. Being the primary terpene in Trident, limonene is responsible for inducing the strong body-buzz and happy, relaxed, and focused feeling associated with Trident cannabis strain.

Reported Effects of Our Trident Vape

Trident is bred for its high CBD content, and it leans towards a somewhat relaxed high that builds over time and allows consumers to feel happy, euphoric, creative, and focused without the head high that comes with high THC content strains. In addition, it has high CBD content (approximately 44.1%), which means it can relieve various medical symptoms such as muscle spasms, inflammation, pain, depression, stress, and anxiety.

Unsurprisingly, the most reported side effects of Trident cannabis include dry eyes and dry mouth. If you’re experiencing these side effects, it is recommended to stay hydrated. On the other hand, if you’re a “for fun” smoker, you may want to try our trident vape at a chill time when you don’t have much else to do. It gives a minimal burst of energy, but it’s not sustainable and may fade fairly quickly.

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Common Uses

Trident might be a reliable solution for those who are suffering from inflammation, pain, and stress. Because of its high CBD content and a broad range of health benefits associated with its primary terpene, limonene, Trident marijuana is suitable for relieving symptoms of inflammation, anxiety, epilepsy, muscle tension, and other conditions that may respond positively to a high quantity of CBD.

Licensed medical practitioners also recommend Trident in the edible form to ease off swelling after radiation and chemotherapy treatments. For those suffering from high-stress levels and depression, this is a great cannabis strain to try for its mood uplifting and therapeutic properties. Being low in THC levels (approximately 2.2%), Honey Brands Trident Vape Cartridge has mild side effects and doesn’t aggravate anxiety or cause paranoia.

If you’re a CBD fan and intend to track this rare and potent strain down, this vape cart is worth the hunt. The strain has many medicinal benefits and a mild cerebral effect, making it an excellent option for users looking to ease up some tension or pain and mellow out at the end of a busy day.