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An Excellent Selection of Quality Vape Accessories

Accessory quality starts with quality materials. Our batteries and cartridges are built to last with high-quality glass, stainless steel, and state of the art electronics. When browsing our accessories, keep in mind that although they are designed for use with HONEY®’s signature line of cannabis oil, none of these accessories include cannabis oil. Sometimes you never know what you need until you need it. HONEY® stocks the best cannabis vape accessories to get the most out of our premium cannabis oils.

Finding Your Favorite Vape Accessories

All of the cannabis vape oils and accessories we carry are built with ease-of-use in mind. You do not need technical knowledge, nimble fingers or any existing equipment to assemble and enjoy these products.

Would you like to try our HONEY® cannabis cartridges? Just grab a HONEY® Variable Voltage Battery Kit with an included USB charger carrying case and you’ll have everything you need to enjoy a discrete vaping session.

You can also purchase our elite cannabis oil in an applicator and use it to fill a HONEY® Ceramic Cartridge, available in two sizes depending on your needs. Or you can avoid the hassle altogether by purchasing a Disposable Battery designed for short-term use.

HONEY® Accessories: A Premium Choice

HONEY® proudly provides California medical marijuana patients with the highest-grade cannabis oil available in the state. To fully enjoy the robust flavors of our oils and experience the effects that are true to the plant they were derived from, you should use only high-quality vape accessories. We make it easy by pairing our premium oils with premium accessories of exceptional quality.


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