Blue Dream Strain: The Best in the West?

Is the Blue Dream Strain right for you? As you know, some strains get a bad rap for making users feel hungry and tired. This sounds like a dream for most people suffering from insomnia or loss of appetite. For everyone else, it might be a turn-off. The truth is that the misconceptions and myths that continue to circulate about cannabis stem from a few users’ bad experiences and misinformation. Most people mistakenly assume that cannabis is the same, and they have no idea of the sheer variety of cannabis strains available.

There’s always a strain for everyone, but it may take a bit of experimentation and sampling to find the ideal strain for you. Blue Dream is one of the popular marijuana strains known to lift up a user rather than knock them out.

How was Blue Dream made?

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain that offers users a balanced experience that efficiently offers the benefits of both Sativa and Indica with no drawbacks of any of these marijuana subcategories. It is made by crossing Haze with Blueberry, resulting in a marijuana strain with 16-20 percent THC content and a low CBD percentage.

If you are concerned about choosing a good cannabis strain to suit your preferences and needs, you can begin with hybrids like Blue Dream. Sure, users accustomed to Indica-dominant strains may hesitate at trying Sativa-dominant blends. But Blue Dream marijuana strain has achieved its growing fame due to its agreeableness to many cannabis users and advocates. If you are new to cannabis hybrid strains, Blue Dream marijuana is an excellent starting point and may offer additional benefits you may not experience from usual Indica-dominant marijuana strains.

Blue Dream is good for happiness, creativeness and relieves stress.

Anecdotal evidence shows that cannabis consumption could enhance human creativity. This widespread perception of marijuana as a creativity-enhancer makes it crucial to verify whether it actually induces these effects. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive ingredient in the cannabis Sativa plants, reduces inhibitory control and stimulates striatal dopamine release. These aspects of THC intoxication are expected to play a crucial role in specific aspects of creative thinking.

blue dream vibes

Recently, a group of researchers from UIC (University of Illinois – Chicago) and the University of Chicago decided to investigate the impact of THC on stress. The study involved 42 healthy volunteers aged 18 to 40. The researchers split the volunteers into three different groups. The low-dose category got a capsule containing 7.5mg of THC, the moderate-dose group got a capsule with 12.5mg of THC, and the placebo group received a capsule with no THC.

The study findings suggested that THC could be used to relieve tension, anxiety and relieve stress. At the same time, the results also suggested that study participants who consumed higher doses of THC had a significant increase in negative mood and anxiety. Therefore, controlled THC consumption could help relieve stress, anxiety and leave you in a better mood.

As mentioned earlier, the Blue Dream marijuana strain contains moderate THC content (16% to 20%), making it an ideal source of this magical compound. It also offers cannabis users the opportunity to enjoy moderate doses of THC that could improve their creativity, relieve stress, and improve their mood.

What are the benefits of the Blue Dream marijuana strain?

Blue Dream is an all-around excellent marijuana strain. Its signature perfectly balanced properties offer an uplifting story, yet a mild cerebral high, while countering the couchlock-inducing properties of Indica strains. Who doesn’t like a marijuana strain that keeps them fully relaxed and mentally stimulated? Here are other benefits of the Blue Dream marijuana strain.

1. Unique taste and appearance

Blue Dream is associated with a deliciously aromatic sweet with unique berry notes. Some users observed that the strain’s smell is often rich, with a subtle sugar cookie funk. Blue Dream marijuana is known for its long, thick, and tan hairs. Also, it has peach hues and beautifully crystallized, sweet-smelling nugs. Note that the vapor from Blue Dream marijuana is super-smooth, coating your entire mouth with a sweet blueberry taste on the exhale.

2. Impressive terpene profile

There is nothing better than getting a new strand of bud packed with sweet blueberry goodness. These unique tastes and scents come from the strain’s impressive terpene profile. Myrcene is the primary terpene in Blue Dream, giving this strain its distinctive blueberry flavor and scent. The combination of Myrcene and Linalool terpenes makes Blue Dream even sweeter. Other common terpenes found in this marijuana strain include Pinene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene.

3. Enjoy the benefits of Sativa with no extreme drawbacks of THC

Blue Dream is a hybrid strain that offers full-body relaxation while invigorating a mild cerebral palette. It is a dreamy bud with plenty of positive results, including relaxation, happiness, heightened creativity, and euphoria. However, Blue Dream may also provoke dry eyes, dry mouth, and dizziness in some users, particularly beginners.

4. Blue Dream has many medicinal properties

Blue Dream is a potent, high-THC strain known for use in an attempt to relieve chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and various types of pain. If you’re uncertain about the marijuana strain that would be good for your ailment, it’s recommended to consult with your healthcare provider or physician who prescribed medical marijuana. Generally, hybrids like the Blue Dream often offer the “best of both worlds.”

5. High-quality, versatile cannabis strain

Now you probably understand why the recreational and medicinal communities in the west love this marijuana strain. It is a one-of-a-kind cannabis strain with an outstanding flavor, impressive terpene profile, excellent for recreational uses, and packed with medicinal properties. Those seeking to improve their creativity and relieve stress without becoming couch-locked will find Blue Dream strain an ideal choice.

Wrap up

A go-to strain for brain stimulation and relaxation, Blue Dream marijuana often offers the ultimate anxiety-free experience while allowing the users to get work done. Its flavor and aroma help create a unique vibe that lingers on your tongue and in the air. And despite its unique name (BLUE DREAM), this marijuana strain will not put you to sleep.