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We did it again. HONEY has delivered yet another way to enjoy a daily dose of premium THC. By combining innovative technology and practical application we’ve perfected a fun and discreet way to deliver flavorful and soul-enriching cannabis. 


A New Way to Use Cannabis – A New Product Class

With Honey® Brand Cannabis Concentrate Drinking Straws, anyone can turn any beverage into a flavor-packed cannabis experience. Just insert the straw into any beverage, wait one minute, and enjoy. As you sip, the inner lining of the straw dissolves, providing cannabis extracts and great flavors packed in a fully compostable drinking straw.  

Honey Brand Cannabis Concentrate Drinking Straws are so unique the invention has a U.S. Patent Pending – 63/512,215 filed in July of 2023.

These first-to-the-market concentrate straws use 100% chemical-free cannabis nano-emulsions with ultra-fast psychoactive uptake times. Often, the consumer will begin to feel the effects of the cannabis extracts in less than 10 to 15 minutes. In addition, the infusion matrix is based on advanced nano-particle cannabis emulsions combined with natural flavorings, making the drinking experience free of unpleasant cannabis tastes. 

Cannabis-infused drinking straws can change the entire “edibles” category of cannabis delivery and retail products. Instead of purchasing a cannabis-infused beverage from a retailer, consumers can buy a straw lined with flavored or unflavored cannabis extracts and then select a beverage they choose to enjoy a new cannabis experience. As the straw is used, cannabis extracts infuse the drink at a precise dosage.

Features and Benefits
  • Ultra-Fast psychoactive uptake times due to advanced nano-emulsion
  • No cannabis taste – Great taste in multiple flavors – Or in no flavor “Plain” version
  • Easy to use form factor. Just place in a beverage, wait one minute, and enjoy
  • Multiple dosages are available, from 25 milligrams to 100 milligrams.
  • Various extracts can be used – THC diamonds, rosin, distillate, etc.
  • Discrete form factor for discrete consumption
  • Concentrate Straws are environmentally friendly. Of course, 100% compostable and at 2.5 grams net weight compared to 550 or more grams for cannabis-infused beverages, this product is cheaper to produce, transport, and store.
How are Honey® Brand Cannabis Concentrate Drinking Straws Used

Using Honey® Brand Cannabis Concentrate Drinking Straws is really simple.  

  • Select a flavor for your straw and a beverage.
  • Open the package and remove the straw.
  • Place the Honey® Brand Cannabis Concentrate Drinking Straw in the beverage just like it is an ordinary drinking straw.  
  • Wait one minute.
  • Enjoy!
      Why Should I Buy Cannabis Concentrate Straws

      Cannabis Concentrate Straws are a new cannabis consumption form factor. Open the package, remove the straw, place in any beverage, wait one minute and enjoy—discrete, great flavor, and fast acting. 

      Additionally, Cannabis Concentrate Straws have an outstanding cost per milligram profile – lots of bang for the buck and of course, this product makes any beverage delicious.

      Cannabis Concentrate Straws are discrete and easy to use. The psychoactive effect is ultra-fast due to the advanced nano-technology and excellent taste. Additionally, it’s fun to use, and the price is highly competitive or vastly superior to comparable beverages or edibles. And, of course, the product makes any beverage taste delicious.

      It Says 100% Compostable on the Packaging - Really?

      We use a premium-grade paper straw as our concentrate delivery vehicle. All straws are fully compostable in ordinary municipal waste and can be added to household compost piles.

      Tell Us About the "THC Nano Emulsion Inside"

      We are very proud of our internally developed all-natural emulsion technology because it is 100% chemical free, unlike most ingredients on the market.

      Whereas most cannabis beverage and edible companies rely on outside suppliers to provide cannabis emulsion technology, we have taken a different approach. We have developed our own emulsion that we optimized for the straw application. Most commercially available nano emulsions utilize hash chemicals to provide the emulsion effect. We never use such ingredients. The result is a virtually cannabis-taste-free and ultra-fast-acting experience for our customers.

      How Long Does the Straw and Flavor Last

      The lining begins to dissolve as soon as the straw is placed in liquid. How quickly this takes place depends on the type of beverage and the temperature of the liquid. Generally, the colder the drink, the slower the lining dissolves. While we think water works best, many customers like combining flavors with different beverages to create unique combinations. In ordinary water at approximately room temperature, the lining dissolves in the standard time it takes to sip 16 fluid ounces of water.

      Natural Flavors or Artificial Flavors - Tell Me More

      The flavor profiles and the ingredients to achieve those profiles are virtually unlimited. Whereas some consumers would prefer bold flavors similar to commercial sodas or many others like the softer flavor profiles of organic or naturally flavors beverages. Cannabis Concentrate Straws, we can achieve both and virtually everything in between.

      We are also excited to present our “Plain” straw concept. All the same effects in a no-flavor option to complement any beverage.

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