A few weeks ago, a common topic with those shopping for cannabis products came up: Who walks into a dispensary and feels completely overwhelmed looking at the brands, products and devices? Many feel that way and for those new to cannabis, it’s quite an experience. HONEY® is here to help, and it’s beyond our new informational guides seen in dispensaries throughout California.

There are very simple ways to find the best vape product with convenient tools: your senses. Sight and taste makes all the difference in the world. Your sense of sight and taste will guide you, just as they would with food or a recipe. When something’s missing, you know it. You can see and taste the difference.

How could sight be such a critical factor in selecting the best vape product? That’s because the oil’s thickness and color determines purity and quality. Thick oil means the product has not been overly processed, refined or diluted. It means it is in the most natural state like the plant, and, that the most amount of active phytochemicals are retained. Let’s make a quick detour from the senses and address phytochemicals for a moment. That too is a question that has come up on Instagram, which is directly related to this.

For anyone asking ‘what are phytochemicals and why are they important,’ listen up. Potency is determined by the most phytochemicals from the natural plant working together as an ensemble – NOT THC. Don’t let anyone tell you THC drives the potency. It does not. This is not breaking news to scientists. The natural compounds produced by the cannabis plant – those are phytochemicals. HONEY® has the most amount of phytochemicals, which is what ultimately delivers the most flower like experience in a vape. Phytochemicals are important!

Let’s get back to the sense of sight. The oil needs to be thick, and, it should also be golden or HONEY® colored. Hold that cartridge up to the light. See how it moves – slowly, if at all – and look at the color. With this little test, anyone can select a product that is pure, minimally processed and potent. Remember thickness and color when selecting any vape product.

Lastly, use your sense of taste to make sure your product tastes good. A vape should ALWAYS taste good, whether it’s sweet, warm or savory. Whatever strain preference you have, the taste should be pleasant and enjoyable. That’s what has made HONEY® a successful brand and product. It’s also why there’s a distinct following of fans who demand Only the BEST.