Resin and concentrate are both often used for vaping or smoking because they give an intense high compared to dry herbs. Some people prefer one over the other, but there is no right answer as everyone has their own preference and what works best for them. Resin and concentrates come from the same plant – cannabis, but they are produced differently. Resin is purer than concentrate because it goes through a multiple-step process during extraction. The concentrate is more economical compared to resin since it has higher potency and can produce stronger effects in smaller amounts of material. The resin contains more terpenes that give it a better flavor profile while being more potent than concentrate which loses some of its cannabinoids during processing. The resin is made with the same material, but it is different in how it was created.

Difference Between Resin and Concentrate

difference between resin and concentrate
Terpenes Content

Terpene content are organic compounds that give flavors and aromas to the plant – some help with inflammation and others relieve stress. Resin has more than 100 terpenes while concentrates only have 10 of them. It is important for users to vape or smoke products that have a wide range of terpenes because they offer various benefits such as helping the body heal faster. The more terpenes available on the market, the healthier it will be for you when you use them. Terpenes also help thin out blood which reduces chances of heart attack and stroke. These can be found on resin more often than concentrates.

Flavor Profile

The flavor profile of each substance is very different, and this is one of the main reasons why users prefer one over the other. Resin has a better flavor profile as it offers more flavors compared to concentrate which has a more earthy taste because it lacks herbal essence from terpenes. It also produces less smell so those who vape or smoke in public places have an easier time doing that without being noticed right away. The smell is not a big issue for some people though as they do not care about others noticing them when they use their product, but if you want something with a wide range of tastes then resin will be your best bet out of these two options.

Potency Difference Between Resin and Concentrate

The potency of resin is stronger because it goes through a multi-step process that extracts all of its cannabinoids while the concentrate is a raw material that does not go to the same extent when extracting the good stuff. If you are looking for more intense highs then stick with resin, but many people prefer concentrates since they offer different effects compared to resin because it has a high amount of terpenes in it. Resin can produce very strong highs while concentrate provides a mellow effect so what you choose will depend on your preference and what you want from your product.

How It’s Made

Both products have similar extraction methods where they extract oil from the cannabis plant using solvent, but there are certain key differences between the two. Resin is made with bubble hash, but concentrate can be made out of kief or oil that comes from the CO2 extraction method. To get resin, the plant material should be heated to 232 degrees Fahrenheit to form a sticky goo-like substance that is then compressed into bricks later on. On the other hand, you use ice water and dry sift for concentrates which are very similar except for one thing – they require more work because it needs to be dried first before using the ice water extraction method.

The End Result

Both products produce different results when used, and this will depend on what you want in your product. If you care about terpenes then choose resin while if potency is your top priority then concentrates will suit you better. The two have different flavor profiles as well because the former offers a long list of flavors while the latter has just one or two tastes that vary from batch to batch. Neither is worse than the other since both have their own pluses and negatives, but it will depend on what you need from your product.

CBD concentrate


1. Why Are Concentrates Stronger Than Resin?

There are many reasons why concentrates are stronger than resin, and this can vary depending on the type of concentrate you use. Some products like rosin tech offer higher THC content that is around 70% which means it has a lot more cannabinoids compared to other products on the market. Since concentrates have high potency, they will produce more intense highs and these can be felt faster as well. If you want something with a fast-hitting effect, then concentrates is what you should vape or smoke, but if you do not like strong highs and only want mild effects then resin is your best bet out of these two options.

2. What’s Better: Vaping or Smoking?

Vaping or smoking is a common question that many people ask, and the answer will depend on what you want from your product as well as your preferences. Resin can be vaped because it has similar effects to concentrate except for one thing – they have different flavor profiles. Concentrates offer stronger hits due to their high THC content while resin offers more flavors compared to its counterpart. Smoking both products do not produce any smell so it does not matter what you choose since vaping provides a scentless vapor and smoking does the same thing. Since most smokers smoke in public places they prefer vaping over smoking but if you love the taste of cannabis then resin might be your best option.

3. How Do You Consume Concentrates?

There are many ways to consume concentrates, and it will depend on what you prefer. Some people make their own hash oil at home while others purchase it from a dispensary or online store. There are also pre-loaded cartridges that come in different flavors and THC content depending on your needs which means they can be used for both vape pens and dab rigs. People who want something with intense highs choose dense shatter while those who just want mellow effects go for crumble because these contain moderate levels of cannabinoids/terpenes so the strength of the product will vary depending on what you need from your product