Why choose a Pre-filled Oil Vape Cartridge?

Pre-filled Cannabis oil cartridges are one of the most popular ways of consuming cannabis.  For many who have made the switch, the convenience of a cartridge is hard to beat. With no sticky mess, no typical cannabis smells, and no clean-up, a disposable vape pen provides the perfect solution for those who value simplicity.

Pre-filled oil cartridges also add a level of discretion that’s valuable to those with an active lifestyle or professional image to uphold.  Bringing the cannabis aroma with you at the wrong time can lead to conversations you may prefer to avoid. In a world that hasn’t quite accepted this potent herb entirely many find comfort in the subtle delivery an oil pen provides.  For students and professionals alike, our products offer the ability to medicate while away from home safely and conveniently.

For those with respiratory issues, vaping cannabis oils can be an effective method of consumption.  Any burned substance will produce what we refer to as “tar.” Cannabis is no different. By eliminating combustion, vape pens can extend versatility regarding treatment for those who may otherwise not be able to inhale their medication.  Vaping weed oil creates less distress within the lungs and allows more patients to use and enjoy their favorite weed oils as much as needed.

How do Prefilled Cannabis Oil Cartridges work?

Pre-filled cannabis oil cartridges work like conventional vaporizers.  A battery supplies power to a metal “coil” or atomizer. The atomizer has been designed specifically for cannabis oils and typically features a glass or ceramic rod within the coil to hold and disperse heat evenly.  As energy passes through the wire, it meets resistance. This resistance creates the heat that vaporizes the oil held within the cartridge. As oil is consumed, very tiny wicks bring fresh oil upward from the reservoir and into the coil assembly.

Cartridges commonly utilize the same standard for 510 threading that e-cig vaporizers use.  Simply thread the cartridge into your device, turn it on, and you’re all set. If you decide to use an advanced vaporizer for your weed oil cartridge, remember that most e-cigs are providing far more power than is needed for a cartridge and must be turned down to an appropriate wattage level before you’re able to use them safely.  If too much electricity, or power, is sent to the coil it can permanently damage the device.

Disposable vape pen units are a recent introduction to the market and have become an instant hit for people on-the-go.  With no need for cords, chargers, or refills, these simple devices provide everything you need to enjoy your favorite strain any time of the day.

Which cartridge should I choose?

While making the switch to vaping pre-fills is fairly simple, finding the right match for you may take a bit more time.  First, you’ll want to consider the importance of strain-specific oils. Many come to rely on the predictable results they experience from a certain strain.  For some, Sour Diesel may provide a calming, yet uplifting sensation that works well with both anxiety and depression.  Others may prefer the relaxing effects an OG Kush has for their muscle spasms. Whatever your requirements, strain-specific cartridges are an excellent way to get the medicine you need, when you need it.

With so many new and emerging cannabis companies on the market today, it can be hard to spot the shady characters that come and go with inflated prices. Adding glycerin or other fillers to today’s cannabis oil is unacceptable. It dilutes the active ingredients, making it less potent, which in turn requires you to use more of it.  When it comes to purity and value, look for a clean, filler-free oil that’s free of pesticides and other microbes. Be very careful of any oil that uses solvents for extraction. The solventless extraction process is free of the harmful chemical residues that linger long after processing. These solvents may have long-term consequences on individual health and should be avoided.

If you’re looking for the absolute best cannabis oil on the market, Honey® has developed a reputation as a pioneer, industry-leader, and compassionate provider. Relying on a continuous state of improvement to better provide the next generation of medicine.  To see a wide selection of pre-filled oil vape cartridges, be sure to check out Honey®!