HONEY® Proud to Partner with Nugg Online Retail Platform

California’s original distilled cannabis oil brand is now easily available to consumers through Nugg’s innovative online and mobile ordering platform.

[Los Angeles, California, Nov 6th, 2018]: HONEY®, California’s original state licensed adult use and medicinal cannabis oil company, is proud to partner with Nugg, a telemedicine service and online and mobile ordering platform for medical marijuana that is dedicated to connecting patients with trusted cannabis providers.

As the world’s largest medical cannabis doctor referral network, Nugg’s experience in connecting hundreds of thousands of patients with trusted doctors allowed them to develop their online retail platform in California. “We are extremely proud to partner with such an iconic brand as HONEY®, the originators of distilled cannabis oil in California,” says Alex Milligan, Chief Marketing Officer of Nugg. “Their products are already thriving on our platform, and this opportunity to work closer together is going to bring even more value to our shared customers.”

Founded in 2013, HONEY® has been leading the industry in the luxury cannabis product category with 18 THC and CBD strains in cartridges, disposables and launching soon, capsules. “Our average cannabis customer welcomes the ability to easily search product availability and the convenience of delivery services in their area,” says Peter Tejera, CEO of HONEY®. “With Nugg’s innovative retail platform, our sales increase while keeping our patients and consumers happy.”

HONEY® is a California state licensed adult use and medicinal cannabis company offering the best tasting, smoothest and most authentic flower like experience. Evolving from the first vertically integrated collective in Los Angeles, HONEY® revolutionized the industry as the first distilled vape cartridge. HONEY® is easily recognized by its thick, golden/HONEY® color, and sweet, warm taste crafted by our artisans. The unique, potent blend features the most complex and highest count of phytochemicals working together as an ensemble, delivering upon the true intent of the natural cannabis plant. Only HONEY® has 100% of its flower collected from Humboldt family farmers. HONEY® products include THC and CBD vape cartridges, disposable pens, and capsules through legal dispensaries and delivery services throughout the Golden State. HONEY® is currently expanding the brand’s distribution infrastructure and manufacturing assets globally.

Nugg is building the world’s most customer-centric cannabis company. Their platform provides the fastest way to get your medical marijuana recommendation, cannabis delivery from top-rated dispensaries, and access to world-class cannabis experts. Nugg serves over 350,000 people in California and New York, and will soon offer their services throughout the United States. To learn more about Nugg, visit their website at



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