Microdosing into the New Year with HONEY®‘s DISPOSABLE Pen

2019 is here. It’s a new year, a fresh start and a time to focus on ways to improve our state of well being. For some, it’s a trip to the spa, a new diet plan, an aggressive exercise program, or moving to organic foods. There are also many who are now evaluating cannabis as a means to gently shift their physical and mental state to a better place. HONEY® can help, and, provide the ONLY product that can microdose with an aerator (carb) for better airflow.

What does microdosing do and why should someone consider HONEY®? That is the question to ask yourself BEFORE you get to a dispensary. Microdosing is a way to administer cannabis in very small doses through HONEY®’s disposable vape pen containing the aerator (carb). This is the ideal entry point for those new to cannabis and a way for a patient or adult user to monitor cannabis effect and experience. Yes, it’s just that simple. There’s no need for anything other than the HONEY® pen.

For many, walking into a dispensary can be an overwhelming experience. The display cases, countertops and shelves behind the counter can be cluttered with many choices and not enough information. In fact, many don’t know how to select the right product that is best for their needs and lifestyle. Again, HONEY® is here to help by highlighting the desired effect with the right strain for you. It’s easy. The chart below lists this for convenient reference.

honey cart breakdown

Picking up a HONEY® pen, the first thing to notice is the discreet and sleek design: elegant, black and slim, with a soft touch feel that immediately separates it from any other product. You can feel the aerator (carb) located on the side (see aerator pic with arrow below). This aerator allows the user to not only regulate airflow, but also improve each draw. The disposable pen glides into a pocket, briefcase or a handbag, just like a regular pen or lipstick. It is the convenient way to provide relief that best suits your lifestyle, especially for those that are on the go.

HONEY® disposable pens hold .25 grams of oil, across 20 strains inclusive of CBD. Like all other HONEY® products, it is the best tasting vape that is pure, free of fillers, and provides the authentic flower experience. Thickness and HONEY®‘s golden color are the simplest ways to determine purity and quality. Just remember: your product should always taste great and HONEY® delivers every single time.

Welcome in the New Year with HONEY®. We wish everyone a healthy, happy and successful 2019.