Tangerine Dream – THC Cartridge

Tangerine Dream by HONEY® is an electrifying oil that brings on euphoric sensations while keeping you totally relaxed. This hybrid is split down the middle with 50 percent sativa and 50 percent indica, making it perfect for a clear-headed smoking experience. Tangerine Dream is known for its unmistakable citrus taste and flavor. The invigorating cerebral experience will help you tap into your creativity while the body high keeps you relaxed for hours.

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Honey Brands Tangerine Dream Vape Cartridge

Tangerine Dream by HONEY® is a perfectly balanced hybrid with everything you want from a sativa and an indica. This strain is ideal for pain management, stress, and fatigue. Tangerine dreams can provide euphoric feelings of creativity. Known for lending the user enough energy to create without the anxiety of some sativas, Tangerine Dream is perfect for daytime use. It’s no surprise this strain is famous for its citrus experience since the sweet flavor and earthy, tropical scent are apparent. Tangerine Dream is ideal for those who want to dive into their creativity without feelings of paranoia or anxiety.

Profile: Hybrid
Primary Terpene: Caryophyllene
Mood: Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric
Common Uses: Stress, Pain, Depression
Energy Spectrum: Charged

The Story Behind Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream was created by Barney’s Farm, an Amsterdam-based seed company. It was the product of crossing strains G13 and Haze, a descendant of Neville’s Haze. This strain quickly rose in popularity among the medical community because of its muscle relaxing and pain-relieving properties. Tangerine Dream won first place in the 2010 Cannabis Cup, which helped promote the strain to the masses, where it became increasingly sought after.

Tangerine Dream is celebrated for its ability to keep users alert and relaxed. It brings on feelings of happiness and elevated mood, perfect for social settings or completing a task. The relaxed body sensation will have you feeling at ease while still maintaining linear thought.

Tangerine Dream buds are compact and wispy with tan pistils and long flowers covered in light-colored trichomes. The tangerine scent is prominent when grinding or breaking apart the buds.

Terpene Composition

Tangerine Dream by HONEY® has incredible flavor and aroma, partly because of its dominant terpene, Caryophyllene. Caryophyllene takes some of the responsibility for the citrus taste of this strain. Caryophyllene is in a variety of botanicals and plants like oregano, black pepper, and basil. Along with creating a unique flavor profile, Caryophyllene is a hard-hitting medicinal terpene.

Caryophyllene works with the body’s endocannabinoid system, specifically with CB2 receptors found throughout the internal organs. Most terpenes work with CB1 receptors, making Caryophyllene a unique terpene. Because of how Caryophyllene binds with CB2 receptors, it assists the body in reducing inflammation, pain, and anxiety.

Working as a pain and inflammation reliever isn’t the only trick up the Caryophyllene sleeve. A study conducted by the National Library of Medicine suggests Caryophyllene has the ability to curb alcohol cravings and treat symptoms of addiction. More research must be conducted to prove this, but recent research has revealed even more potential for this dynamic terpene.

Scientists have found evidence that suggests Caryophyllene could help lengthen lifespans and treat conditions like inflammatory bowel disease. This terpene, combined with Tangerine Dream’s ability to energize and elevate mood makes for a promising career in medicine.

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Reported Effects of Our Tangerine Dream Vape

Tangerine Dream by HONEY® will foster feelings of euphoria and happiness upon the first hit. The energizing cerebral experience is complemented by the soothing physical experience you encounter soon after initial use. Tangerine Dream has the ability to elevate your mood while melting away tension and stress. This strain is ideal for daytime use. You can wake-and-bake with this strain and still have the motivation to get things done.

Perfect for novice or veteran users, Tangerine Dream by HONEY® will get you in a creative flow while keeping you zen. You may find yourself giggling or smiling uncontrollably after partaking in this strain. Rest assured, whether you’re looking for a boost in energy or a relaxing body sensation, Tangerine Dream won’t disappoint.

Common Uses

This vape cartridge by HONEY® is a hard-hitting, feel-good experience you don’t want to miss. Users report more than feelings of giddy euphoria. They also report a decrease in restlessness, stress, anxiety, and irritation, making it ideal for those who work in stressful industries or those experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety. The mood-elevating quality of Tangerine Dream is responsible for the commonly reported relaxed mindset.

The tension easing properties are responsible for a reduction in pain and inflammation. The calm physical experience is perfect for thwarting irritants like chronic pain along with joint and back pain. Not only can this strain calm the mind, but it also relaxes the muscles, making it easy for you to center yourself while completely pain-free.

Tangerine Dream’s effects last a considerable amount of time, and its ability to keep you alert and focused makes it perfect for those who need all-day relief from pain or anxiety. Whether you’re using this strain to feel your best, boost your energy, or relax your mind, you’ll be reaching for Tangerine Dream again and again.