Trainwreck – THC Cartridge

Trainwreck by HONEY® is a crisp-tasting oil that provides an energizing, euphoric sensation. Hints of fresh lemon and pine pair beautifully with the anticipated feelings of happiness, creativity, and relaxation. Trainwreck by HONEY® will knock your pain, anxiety, and stress off track. It’s excellent for elevating your mood and opening your mind to the creative process. Avid users can enjoy Trainwreck earlier in the day for increased motivation, but everyone can enjoy it in the evening to wind down.

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Honey Brands® Trainwreck Vape Cartridge

Trainwreck is a sativa leaning hybrid that is often recommended for stress, depression, and pain. It produces a considerable body high, which is perfect for shedding the pressure of a long day. It was created by combining Thai and Mexican sativas, which were bred with Afghani indicas. This clever combination makes trainwreck famous for its ability to produce a stimulating, euphoric high. This strain’s high THC content, along with its lemon and pine notes, make it a full-body sensation perfect for winding down or getting creative.

Profile: Hybrid
Primary Terpene: Myrcene
Mood: Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted
Common Uses: Stress, Anxiety, Pain


The Story Behind Trainwreck

Trainwreck was the product of Dioxide at TGA Genetics and came from crossing the hybrid Qrazy Train, the sativa Vortex, with the hybrid Chernobyl. While it does provide a heightened mental sensation, the 20% indica makes relaxation easy!

While Trainwreck can plow through anxiety and pain, it didn’t get its name for its effects. Instead, trainwreck was named for two California brothers who relocated their grow operation in the ’70s because of a nearby trainwreck. Naturally, with the attention garnered by the trainwreck, they feared being discovered – hence the name.

This euphoria-inducing strain is a deep green with purple undertones and long green leaves that complement the plentiful crystal trichomes covering the buds. This sativa heavy stain is full-flavored with spicy citrus notes reminiscent of lemon and pine.


Terpene Composition

The primary terpene in Trainwreck is Myrcene. Sometimes referred to as Beta-Myrcene, it’s responsible for the fresh scent and flavor of Trainwreck. Myrcene is found in a variety of other plants, including hops and lemongrass. While this terpene makes for a fantastic flavor profile, it does more than that!

Myrcene has been used in folk medicine for centuries, predominantly in Brazil. The Myrcene found in lemongrass is used for pain and anxiety relief. The National Library of Medicine claims the monoterpene Myrcene inhibits pain by increasing the body’s opioid chemicals through the brain and spinal cord.

Other potential benefits of Myrcene include the blockage of aflatoxins. Aflatoxins are cancer-causing toxins that come from fungi and can find their way into our food. This property of Myrcene comes from anti-mutagen effects, which stem from Myrcene’s ability to inhibit the liver enzyme CYP2B1. This enzyme is responsible for inducing aflatoxins, and studies suggest Myrcene can stop this.

Myrcene is the most common terpene found in cannabis. When it’s present in a strain with levels over 0.5 percent, you can guarantee complete mind and body relaxation. When paired with a sativa dominant strain like Trainwreck, you have a wonderfully balanced high.


Reported Effects of Our Trainwreck Vape

The Trainwreck vape cartridge by Honey will open your mind, stimulate your creativity, and reduce your stress levels so you can enjoy the Trainwreck mind expansion. This anti-pain and anti-anxiety strain will make sure your mood is mellow and elevated. In addition, it can assist you with creative pursuits when you feel like your creativity has run out.

This sativa heavy hybrid will be your new favorite for finding motivation without the anxiety that sometimes accompanies heavy sativa strains. Trainwreck by Honey provides a clean mental high with a feeling of full-body relaxation without the brain fog. Turn your frown upside down with the expansive, creative experience that you can only get with our Trainwreck vape.

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Common Uses for This Strain

Trainwreck has a variety of beneficial properties that are perfect for those who work in highly stressful environments. Trainwreck’s combination of sativa and indica makes it ideal for diminishing stress. It’s famous for its ability to produce feelings of euphoria and happiness soon after partaking.

Not only can Trainwreck melt away the stress of the day, but it’s also great for reducing anxiety so that you can fully submerge in the euphoric sensation. It’s known to work well for minor aches and pains like headaches. Trainwreck is great for increasing your appetite, and if you struggle to fall asleep, it’s perfect for tackling insomnia, as well.

Trainwreck’s most common medical uses revolve around ADHD, PTSD, and stress relief, with only a few hits needed to begin feeling results. It has also been known to help with chronic joint pain and muscle stiffness.

Trainwreck can be used during the day for heightened creativity and mental motivation for veteran users. However, for those with less experience, it can cause couch lock and should be used at the end of the day for maximum mood enhancement and relaxation!