Passion Orange Guava Live Rosin THC Cartridge

Cultivators of award-winning strains, our friend and family, Greenshock Farms, partners with HONEY® to release this delicious LIVE ROSIN cartridge. Passion Orange Guava, aka P.O.G., has the flavor profile of passion fruit, orange, and guava and has effects that leave you with a nice, euphoric uplift. This oil tastes so good you’ll be sipping on it all day long.

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Honey Brands Passion Orange Guava Live Rosin THC Cartridge

Profile: Hybrid
Flavor/Aroma: Passion Fruit, Orange, Guava
Emerald Cup Awarded Genetics:
• 2021 #1 Personal-Use Cultivator, 4 strains in the Top 20
• 2019 2nd Place
• 2018 6th & 10th Place
• 2017 SC Labs Award
• 2016 2nd Place
• 2015 3rd Place