Girl Scout Cookies Strain THC Cartridge – High Life

Girl Scout Cookies by HONEY® is a sweet-tasting oil that can bring on feelings of relaxation and introspection. This indica dominant hybrid will slay your tension while elevating your mood. Perfect for the end of a long workday, the sweet notes and fruity aroma will excite your creativity while giving you the relaxation you deserve. Girl Scout Cookies, also known as GSC, provides the best of both worlds between its indica and sativa parents.

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Honey Brands Girl Scout Cookies – High Life

GSC by HONEY® brings characteristic anticipated effects of an immediate calm with a solid body high, followed shortly thereafter by a nice mood lift. GSC, for many, is synonymous with couch-lock because the body high is palpable. Popular with athletes for after-sport recovery. This high-potency cartridge can stimulate appetite; you may get the munchies.

Profile: Hybrid
Flavor/Aroma: sweet and earthy, woody, citrus, floral